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letskillhiatus graphic battle round n° 4 typography | entry n° 4

letskillhiatus graphic battle round n° 4 typography | entry n° 4

Captain John Watson, Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers.



"Not drugs, Sherlock." John countered when Sherlock protested about being given painkillers, but he frowned and didn’t argue at the moment. He’d probably be able to force it down Sherlock’s throat a bit later, once Sherlock realized just HOW hurt he was.

John kept an eye on Sherlock as Molly came back into the room with a cup of water a bit fuller than it should’ve been. John took it from her with a nod of thanks and gave it to Sherlock. “Drink.” He ordered, then thought for a second, before nodding.

"Fine. But no leaving the flat." John said and for a moment, he almost felt like Sherlock’s babysitter. Hell, this is what he’d been reduced to for the moment: caring for a man that willingly stabbed himself for an experiment. Christ. "Alright? Now, drink."

Momentarily obedient Sherlock did as asked, spilling some of the liquid over his chin and down in throat in his haste. As he raised his hand to wipe the water up he groaned, the action stretching the skin around the wound too tightly.

"Paracetomol perhaps," he conceded without context. 

Turning to look at Molly properly for the first time since he and John had burst in he tried, and failed, to thank her for helping, “You’ll say nothing of this of course to any of your colleagues. Allowing me a peep at corpses is one thing, I do believe they would object to such behavior as this however.”

While speaking he again swept a hand down to indicate his position on the morgue table and found that it too pulled his skin painful. Grimacing he made note of the pain and decided to study the effect of it and how long before it diminished. 

"Yeah Sherlock, whatever," bit back the maligned morgue attendant, "You’re welcome."

To John she was more polite, a change from their earliest interactions, “Are you ok to get him home? I’d say stay for a bit but, well, I can’t really have him laying about all day.”


Location: The Bloody Guardsman’s Barracks (Interior)

Episode(s): The Sign of Three (S3E2)

Address: Glamorgan Building, Cardiff University, King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff CF10 3WT

Coordinates (dd.ddddd°): 51.486048, -3.181257

Coordinates (dd° mm.mmm’): N51°29.163, W3°10.875

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except there’s a more permanent destination


except there’s a more permanent destination


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